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Newsletter April - DT Master Carbon


April 2023

We hope this email finds you happy!

We are glad to announce that DT Master Carbon has developed our MRV systems based on industrial sensors to track CCS (Carbon Capture and Storage) industrial projects with MRV Plan, with which we are able to:

Determine the storage volume likely to contain the injected CO2 after the injection period

Identify potential leakage pathways in storage volume and remediation to reduce the likelihood of atmospheric leakage

Develop the monitoring strategy to demonstrate CO2 retention during injection periods and detection of potential air leakage

Develop a strategy to quantify air leakage of CO2

For more info, please contact

Last Weeks’ Highlight on Climate and Sustainability

UN Resolution on the Advancement of Climate Justice

The United Nations General Assembly passed a resolution this week that is being celebrated as a triumph for climate justice. The resolution mandates the UN General Assembly to request the International Court of Justice (ICJ) to provide its assessment on the responsibilities of nations to address the issue of climate change.

Andy Raine, Head of the Frontiers in Environmental Law Unit at the Law Division of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), highlighted that: “It is the first time that the world’s highest court has been asked clarify the obligations on states to protect the climate system, and the legal consequences of failing to meet them.” This is a showcase of those mostly affected by climate change standing up and fighting for their own rights. In the coming months, we expect a disclosure of the detailed documents from ICJ, which shall provide legal support to hold accountability of governments and entities.

For more information, please refer to:

The Significance of the Participation of Local Habitants on Preserving Ecosystem

In certain areas that have been severely impacted by climate crises, indigenous populations and local residents have played a pivotal role in safeguarding their homelands. The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) has provided compelling testimony, citing the case of Nemonte Nenquimo from Ecuador's Indigenous Waorani community, who valiantly challenged governments and powerful corporations to protect their ancestral territory and way of life.

Most projects that focus on nature-based carbon solutions are developed with significant involvement from local populations. These initiatives create new financial opportunities that not only aid in preserving the natural habitats upon which these communities depend, but also help to restore biodiversity and forest ecosystems. As a result, the living conditions of residents are enhanced.

And please find our Carbon Offset Project list below (new projects are highlighted)

We wish you a happy and productive week. :-)

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