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ARR projects achieve GHG removal from the atmosphere through the activity of afforestation, reforestation and revegetation


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Afforestation, reforestation, and revegetation (ARR) project is one of the most critical tools that human beings can leverage to remove carbon from the atmosphere and store it relatively long-term to fight against the climate change issue.

  • Afforestation is to plant trees to create a new forest.

  • Reforestation is to replant trees in an area where a forest has been cleared, either through natural causes or human activities.

  • Revegetation refers to indirect activities that allow the regrowth of trees and other vegetation, in another word, activities that permit or facilitate natural regeneration.

The ARR projects, thus, aim to create or re-create a forest, thanks to which well-designed ARR projects usually could bring a variety of co-benefits.

The positive environmental impacts of ARR projects are considerable. For example, by restoring the water retention capacity, ARR projects could help improve the health of the soil, avoid land erosion, and even improve the water quality in the project area. The cooling effect of the forest can help regulate the local climate and local temperature.

Forest is a complex ecosystem, serving as the kingdom of diverse plants and habitat of different animal species. Therefore, ARR projects will naturally help conserve and enhance biodiversity by creating or re-creating forested lands for plants and wildlife.

For the social aspects, ARR projects can also be positively influential, by providing income and employment opportunities for local communities, addressing gender equality through women empowerment, and even granting access to medical care, education, etc.

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