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Our service for project developers

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Our environmental offset services


We identify, orgination and support project owners to co-develop their decarbonization projects in the domain of forestation, industrial projects, and waste management, etc.



We support our project developers to get the certification (Verra, Gold Standard, Puro Earth, Plan Vivo, Label bas carbon, CEER, CDC biodiversity):
1. Validation & registration

2. MRV via our technology

3. Issuance



Provide the carbon-backed financing solutions to developers to support the development of the project :
1. Ex-ante financial support
2. Direct sales as a broker



Utilize cloud-based
technical solutions to track and monitor the projects to ensure integrity, transparency, and traceability of all entries made

Our MRV (monitoring, report and verification) SaaS to ensure permanency and transparency of projects


Nature based credits MRV interface to navigate and remote control

The user can confirm the information with a portable terminal.


The platform will also provide navigation when you need to go to the exact place in the site.


Nature based credits Image recognition for forestry or farm detection

Regular data collection and intelligent analysis with judgment are carried out for remote sensing images of specific areas, and any change in the site will be identified and the system will alert you with the changes.

Our pricing tools

Looking at a Price

Pricing tool for project developers

We have integrate a pricing tool on our marketplace to assess your project's value on the market

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Math Formulas

Double approach

We use two approaches combining math and market information to propose you a cost based price or a market based price

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