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Sustainability & Risk Management for corporates

Net-zero strategy, ESG, Biodiversity & Offset

DT Master Carbon offers a range of consulting services via our digitalized solutions or a tailor-made consulting service. We accompany your company throughout the ecological transition, from carbon, biodiversity footprint measurement, decarbonization strategy, and biodiversity-climate strategy, to ESG or CSRD reporting support, etc. 

Climate change and loss of biodiversity are two global challenges, for which all companies are expected to take action.

DT Master Carbon supports you on your whole ecological transition

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Our Services & Offers
(Services, Methodologies, Deliverables, & Tools)

Ecological Journey

  • Carbon footprint measurement scope 1-3: Bilan Carbone (ADEME)/ GHG Protocol​

  • Biodiversity footprint indicator (CSRD ESRS 4, TCFD, SBTN)

  • Sector decarbonization strategy (ACT-S)​​

  • Climate Strategy / Net-zero Trajectory (SBTi, NZI)

  • SBTi Strategy / GHG Protocol (SBTi Target Tools / GHG Protocol Strategy Calculation tools)

  • SBTN - Biodiversity strategy

  • Project LCA (Life-cycle Assessment): Information System Management / Digital Services Project (Green IT)

  • Transitioning to a net 0 emissions future

  • Product eco-conception LCA (ISO 14040, IEC 62432)

  • Low carbon transition strategy: ACT-S, all sectors

  • Low carbon transition strategy: ACT- Finance/Bank

  • Low-carbon fuel alternatives

  • Green IT

  • Carbon and biodiversity management strategies

  • Reduce your waste

  • Create a local network for your supply chain

Climate and Biodiversity Risk Management

  • High-level (CEO/COO/CSR) climate & biodiversity risk management

  • Analysis of mitigation and adaptation risks for stakeholders (according to Art. 6 & 7 of the Paris Agreement 2015 COP21)

  • Climate & biodiversity risk management (scenario analysis covering physical and transition risks) 

  • Climate & biodiversity Mitigation and adaptation risk analysis

ESG Strategy

  • Group ESG strategy

  • Internal Carbon Pricing

  • ESG environmental analysis (impact of ESG criteria on companies)

  • ESG and CSRD environmental reporting

Environmental Offset Strategy

  • Offset strategy
  • Project selection ane due diligences support
  • Strategy update and review

Sector specific ESG consulting

  • Financial institutions 

    • Sustainable Investment Advisory​/Due diligences

    • Climate Risk Analysis

    • Sustainable Financing Strategy

  • Oil & Gas

    • Gas flaring Reduction Strategy​

    • Regulatory Compliance Assistance

    • Biodiversity impact assessment

  • Construction​

    • Green Building certification assistance​

    • Sustainable construction training

    • Sustainable material sourcing

    • Eco-construction

    • Waste management

  • Hospitality​

    • Sustainable Event Management ​

    • Sustainable Food and Beverage 

    • Eco-Friendly Hotel Desgin

  • Tourism​

    • Creating sustainable tourism events​

    • Nudge marketing in sustainable tourism

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